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Sunflowers in a wooden vase

Rustic and quirky, this do-it-yourself design is reminiscent of a beach boardwalk bathed in sunshine.

To create this simple but stylish floral arrangement, customize a jar by covering it in sticks of kindling wood and add sunflowers.


  • Florist’s scissors
  • Reusable adhesive
  • 1 bag of kindling wood
  • 1 clean recycled glass jar, just shorter than the lengths of kindling
  • Garden twine, colored string, or natural or colored raffia
  • 7 sunfowers

Insider tips: Remove all the leaves and cut and split the stems before arranging the sunflowers in the vase. The kindling used here is store-bought and so of a standard length. If you use other kindling, trim it with garden scissors or a small hand saw if it is too long.

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