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The intricate art of ikebana

Incorporate elements of this Japanese floral arranging tradition into your own array of blooms

ikebana-inset-pm.jpgAn ikebana showcase to the world
Recently the Toronto chapter of volunteer organization Ikebana International (I.I.) was invited to provide arrangements for the Summit meetings in Ontario. Comprised of Toronto’s main ikebana schools—Ikenobo, Misho, Ohara and Sogetsu—I.I.’s motto is fittingly, “Friendship Through Flowers.” Amid protests and ugly hooliganism, behind the scenes at Deerhurst Resort and Metro Toronto Convention Centre, 16 members extended a visual olive branch of peace through 39 floral creations. Placed in halls, outside meeting rooms, and on tabletops, this unique opportunity showcased beautiful works made from local materials in vessels crafted by notable Canadian artisans. Of the handmade containers, on loan courtesy of the Craft Council of Canada’s Guild Shop, says Irene, “it was fun to pick and choose without worrying about the price tag!”

In the inset photo shown above, Yukie Asa’s floral arrangement provides a colourful backdrop to a friendly exchange between prime minister Stephen Harper and Japan’s prime minister Naoto Kan.

Ikebana websites for further inspiration

Photography courtesy of Ikebana International, Toronto chapter 208


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