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Three easy winter bouquets

Christina Selby
Photography by
Mark Burstyn

These easy, festive arrangements are anchored with boughs and branches from the garden

Decorate your home for the holidays with red, gold and green creations that marry flora from your winter garden with elements available from the local florist.

winter-bouquets-2.gifFruit and flowers
Some of the plants in the centrepiece shown left may already be in your garden, but using them for winter arrangements requires planning. Love-lies-bleeding (Amaranthus caudatus) and hydrangeas must be harvested at their peak, then dried (hung upside down in a warm, dry room). Pine and boxwood boughs are the greenery seen here but any type will do. Pomegranates, anchored with bamboo skewers, and fresh yellow roses provide the finishing touches.

winter-bouquets-227.gifBright and airy foliage
Colourful foliage enlivens this bouquet. The airy, gold eucalyptus seeds are accented by green cedar boughs, while rosehips and velvety magnolia leaves add rich splashes of red.

winter-bouquets-3.gifSimply glamorous
A simple arrangement of red roses and redtwig dogwood branches are much more glamorous when a drop of red food colouring is added to the water.

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