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Top ten floral trends for Valentine’s Day

Go bold or go traditional: The best ideas for Valentine's Day bouquets

If you have a special someone in your life, you’ll most likely consider buying him or her flowers this Valentine's Day. Of course, you could go with the predictable, traditional bouquet of red long-stemmed roses. But there are so many different options when it comes to flowers, why not try something new? Head to your local floral shop with some of these ideas in hand for a memorable arrangement.

1. Experiment with colour
Red and white flowers continue to be the favourite, but this year, vibrant colours are leading the popularity contest. Rich shades of pink, violet, plum, magentas, green, purple, white and mango will be showcased in brilliant bouquets. For hot colour combinations, why not try red with orange or fuchsia, or raspberry pink with lime green accents.

2. Find flowers on a budget
If you're looking to save a few extra dollars, opt for a single, long-stemmed rose or a bouquet of shorter-stemmed roses instead of the traditional long-stemmed bunch. Other inexpensive arrangements include a small bud vase with a single orchid bloom, a potted African violet or a bouquet of mixed seasonal flowers.  

3. Try a fusion arrangement
Ask your florist about “fusion floristry.” This emerging floral trend combines flowers with fruits or vegetables. Vases are stuffed with lemons, kiwis and apples and then filled with kale, orchids, lilies and roses to create dynamic arrangements. 

4. Indulge your senses
Fragrant flowers are not only appealing to the eyes, but they indulge the sense of smell. Although many newer rose varieties have been bred for other characteristics besides fragrance, there are many flowers including carnations, sweet peas, lilies, peonies and lily-of-the-valley that will make a beautiful and delightfully fragrant bouquet.   

5. Set the mood with flowers
Many florists sell rose petals, which can help transform your ordinary room into something extraordinary. Instead of going away for a weekend, create a romantic setting in your own home. Try a trail of rose petals from the doorway to the bedroom, petals scattered on the dining room table or around a bubble bath, or even a few petals floating in a glass of champagne—from pesticide-free roses, of course. 

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