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Top ten floral trends for Valentine’s Day

Go bold or go traditional: The best ideas for Valentine's Day bouquets

6. Recreate a memory
Flowers can help spark memories of romantic destinations you may have enjoyed with your loved one. Reminisce about your tropical honeymoon with birds of paradise, ginger and palm leaves or recreate the fragrant scent of your English countryside vacation with delphiniums, roses and lilies. 

7. Add style to your arrangements
Hand-tied bouquets continue to make a comeback and are perfect for people who don't like to fuss. You can simply place the hand-tied bouquet in a vase of fresh water without removing the ribbon or twine. Other popular styles of arrangements are monobotanical designs, which consist of one type of flower and monochromatic arrangements, which have different types of flowers that are all the same colour.  

8. Toss the bouquet for a potted plant
Research shows that having plants around can help create a relaxing atmosphere, whether at home or in the office. Potted tulips, African violets, miniature roses and orchids are all excellent alternatives to a traditional bouquet.

9. Find a manly bouquet
They may not admit it, but men love to get flowers, too. Tropical blooms, like birds of paradise, proteas and anthuriums create bold and dramatic bouquets that are a great choice. If you're looking for a masculine alternative to a bouquet, consider a potted plant such as a bonsai, potted tulip, orchid, bromeliad or cactus.

10. And if you still want to buy roses…
Red roses have always been the traditional Valentine's Day flower, but today, there are close to 120 varieties to choose from. The newer varieties have been bred to be more fragrant and have larger blooms, longer stems, and a greater colour palette of options. Roses in shades of red, pink, yellow, peach, orange, fuchsia and white are becoming increasingly popular with consumers who are looking for something different. 

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