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What's the meaning behind bouquet blooms?

The Victorian language of flowers deciphered.

Flowers of note
Here is a sampling of the meanings behind various blooms.

Apple blossom preference
Bluebell constancy
Blue violet faithfulness
Forget-me-not be faithful to me
Foxglove insincerity
Gladiolus strength of character
Heliotrope devotion
Honeysuckle bonds of love
Larkspur fickleness
Love-lies-bleeding hopeless, not heartless
Marigold grief and despair
Musk rose capricious beauty
Petunia never despair
Pink lilac mature love
Purple hyacinth sorrow
Rue disdain
Sweet William gallantry
Tansy I declare war against you
tussiemussie.jpgWisteria I cling to thee
Yellow lily falsehood
White and red roses together unity

Composed of daisies (innocence), chrysanthemums (truth) and parsley (festivity), this tussie-mussie at right would make a fitting birthday bouquet for a child.

Bouquet at top: A white lily (purity), pink roses (romance), carnations (pure love) and lemon-scented geranium (unexpected meeting) convey the perfect message for a new sweetie in your life.

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