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10 pretty planters

Dress up your deck, balcony or front porch with attractive containers to display your favourite flowers and plants

planters-6mynta.jpg6. Simple and smart
Perfect for small balcony gardens, these cyclindrical Mynta planters take advantage of vertical height rather than eating up precious floor space. The modern, streamlined design of these containers leaves nothing for your plants and flowers to compete with so your blooms can truly dazzle.

Price tag
$49.99 each, 14-1/2" x 26-1/2". available in an assortment of colours.

Buy it at: Ikea stores or at

planters-7limestone.jpg7. Lovely limestone
Elegance in a natural limestone finish, this tulip-shaped urn is ready to impress with scalloped edges and fluted sides. Its neutral shade will fit in nicely with any colour palette and your prized tulips will look right at home in this pretty fibreglass planter.

Price tag
$74.99, 18.5"

Buy it at: select Loblaws stores where PC Home products are sold. Find a store near you by visiting

planters-8bronzeurn.jpg8. A classic and confident urn
A stately urn commands attention as it showcases the best of your garden in a traditional, classy way. This fiberglass container in a hammered bronze finish sets a stylish foundation for your gorgeous greenery and best blooms. Buy a pair to frame your front entrance for a lovely welcome for all who come to visit.

Price tag
$69.96, 28"

See product at: Buy it at Wal-Mart stores.

planters-9metallic.jpg9. Fresh metallic
Stunning in a city garden or anywhere you want to inject a fresh metallic silver to contrast with rich green foliage, these zinc planters hold their own among your most precious gardening delights. This set of three metal planters is ideal for an attractive grouping that delivers more impact than a lone planter does.

Price tag
$87.99 for a set of three (11", 13-1/2" and 17-1/2")

Buy it at: Canadian Tire stores or

planters-10hangingbasket.jpg10. Hanging basket
You've got your planters strategically placed throughout your yard but what's going on above your eyes? Move your gardening glories off the ground and suspend them overhead where they can get noticed. Ivy trailing from a hanging basket adds interest to—or hides—otherwise dull spots in your garden.

Price tag
$24.99, 15" x 8-1/2"

Buy it at: Ikea stores or at

Jennifer Melo is the editor of and the owner of a new jade-coloured planter that’s waiting to be filled with something equally green and gorgeous.

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