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An artist's garden: Displaying natural and metal sculptures

Lyn Tremblay
Photography by
Tracy Cox

An international collection is displayed against unique, natural backdrops

A laneway entering a property near Wyecombe, Ontario, disappears into a densely foliated landscape, a combination of native Carolinian species and plants the landowner, artist Jonas Stonkus, has collected from around the world. When the sun splashes on textured glass and the wind gently moves a metallic sail, the visitor realizes this is no ordinary garden. More than 60 sculptures created by the artist are an integral part of this small rural paradise. Here, we glimpse at just a few.


“I subscribe to the philosophy that any material can be used for art,” says Jonas. A prime example is the artist’s use of recycled materials in his Centipede #3 sculpture made of discarded metal.


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