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Flea market treasures

Carol-Ann Granatstein
Photography by
Mark Burstyn

With a little creativity, you can easily turn unlikely objects into objets d'art for your garden

Flea-market-3.jpgPICKET FENCE MIRROR HOW-TO: Materials & Tools
Pickets, mirror, 1/4" plywood, handsaw, tape measure, screwdriver, screws, clear exterior silicone caulking, picture hanger and nails for hanging.

• Cut pickets, rails and stiles to length. The outside dimensions of the finished frame should be about 1" bigger all around than your mirror.

• Place pickets face down, position stiles as shown and screw stiles to pickets.

• Position rails snugly against top and bottom stile edges and screw to pickets.

• Apply a generous bead of silicone around the perimeter of the front of the mirror, staying within 1/4" of the edge. Turn mirror face down and press onto back of frame.

• Cut plywood backer board to match finished frame size. Screw backer to frame, being careful not to overtighten or damage glass. Attach picture hanger.

Flea-market-2b.jpgBEFORE & AFTER: Late-19th-century iron beds were often made with botanical motifs, so they're an ideal accent for the garden. Transformed into a gate with a few pieces of hardware, an antique headboard helps soften the impact of stark, new fencing (right), while a footboard blends naturally into the garden as a support for climbers and a backdrop for coneflowers.

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