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How to choose a seating style

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Assess your garden to determine what you'll want in terms of materials, style and location

A garden is a place to reflect and commune with nature, to relax with a book, to enjoy a meal and to socialize with friends. All of this is best accomplished while seated. Just as gardens reflect their owners’ personalities with no two being the same, there are no hard and fast rules about garden seating, except that every garden should have a place to sit. If you are thinking about how to effectively incorporate seating into your garden, here is some food for thought:

Practical or fanciful?
How you use your garden and how much time you spend in it will help to determine what type of garden seating is best for you. Your garden probably serves several purposes. Perhaps you use the space as a “room” for al fresco dining, a place for the kids to play or a private haven to help you relax after work. Seating options for any of these activities have practical considerations: dining chairs should fit easily under a table, a bench for kids should be low to the ground and a comfy lounge for relaxation is a must. Benches are practical in garden settings, too. A bench is inviting when nestled among shade trees.

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