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How to choose a seating style

Veronica Sliva
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Veronica Sliva

Assess your garden to determine what you'll want in terms of materials, style and location


What’s your style?

Choose seating that fits in with the overall style and mood of your garden.

Formal: The straight lines of heavier more substantial pieces such as a stone bench or a teak Luytens-style loveseat (example shown above) suggests an air of formality.

Informal: Sleek, sophisticated furniture tends to look out of place in informal gardens. Rustic styles such as chairs fashioned out of bent willow, are more at home in a relaxed garden. Traditional designs, such as Muskoka chairs, add to the ambiance of a country- or cottage-style garden.

Modern: Contemporary chairs usually feature clean lines and are often made from man-made elements such as steel, glass and chrome. A traditional style updated with high-tech materials creates a modern, contemporary flair.  


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