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Recycle concrete with a garden path and wall

Make useful, cost-free features for your garden with recycled concrete

Build a garden wall
The edge to be faced with concrete should be no higher than 60 centimetres. Staggering the concrete pieces back into the face of the slope gives greater stability and looks more attractive. For a wall 60 centimetres high by 20 centimetres wide by 9 metres long, you will need approximately one cubic metre of concrete. Concrete pieces should be approximately 20 centimetres long or wide, but not more than 45 centimetres. This range gives a good finished look to the wall.

1 Dig out a gentle slope (approximately 45 degrees) into the bank and tamp the exposed edge to stabilize it.

2 Cut into the bank where concrete pieces are to be placed. You will have to cut further into the bank for larger pieces so that the rock face is relatively even along the front; place pieces down flat with the smooth edge facing upward and the exposed, rough edge facing you. Work on one level at a time from the bottom up, along the whole length of the wall.

3 Fill gaps where one concrete piece meets another with soil, pushing the pieces hard into the edge and stabilizing them. Make sure each layer is level before moving on to the next.

4 Overlap the edges of the concrete pieces and continue until the wall is the required height.

Walls are more visually appealing if they are curved or irregular and have small, recessed areas where trailing plants can be established. Use plants such as ivy, yellow creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularia ‘Aurea'), bugleweed, flowering strawberries (Fragaria spp.), as well as Alyssum spp. and other annuals.


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