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Sheds deluxe: Adding value to your garden space

Lola Augustine Brown

If you’ve ever dreamed of a potting station or a rainy day garden sanctuary, here's where to start your research

Build your own
In Canada, there are companies that sell traditional sheds that could easily be adapted to a home studio space (try Summerwood Products, which is based in Toronto but ships its plans and kits everywhere, or Home Depot for some more basic designs). You can also take a spin online and find lots of great plans available online for sale. For example, the Modular Dwelling 100, designed by Edgar Blazona, is a sophisticated-looking shed that costs about $1,500 US to build.
“We have sold roughly 2,500 plan sets. These are used for guest houses, offices, art studios, pool houses and kids’ play rooms,” says Blazona, who has a blog showing how various people have used his plans. (Blazona says that although the plans are no longer being sold, they are easy to find online simply by Googling the name of his design.)
The beauty of putting in a more upmarket shed is that the space can be used for whatever you want and evolve with the seasons as well as your family’s changing needs. You can still use it as a gorgeously designed greenhouse or potting shed, but if you slip in a daybed, it can double as a guesthouse. Sheds like these are an asset to your yard, whatever you choose to put in them.


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