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Build a simple stone patio step by step

Gary Rudy
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Step 5: Next, to ensure the patio will be level, Goger redistributes the sand according to the bottom contour of each slab before placing it. For example, if a stone is thinner at one end, he adds extra sand under that end as a countermeasure.

Step 6: Once the stone is laid, Goger presses his body weight down evenly across it to test its stability. If it rocks, he adjusts the sand beneath the stone until it lies flat.

Step 7: If a slab is oversized or misshapen, it must be trimmed. To cut a stone, Goger first marks the cutline with a small piece of soapstone. He then scores it—essentially just making a shallow groove along the cutline with a gas-powered saw that has a diamond-impregnated blade—to help guide the blade when sawing completely through the stone. Wearing eye and ear protection and a dust mask, Goger then cuts, using the saw.

Step 8: The remainder of the patio is laid, with Goger periodically using a level across the joints to ensure the entire surface is even. Once all the stones are in place, additional concrete sand is swept into the spaces between them.

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