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Get the look: Korakuen garden

Judith Adam, illustrations by Frank Del Vecchio

Bring home the tranquil beauty of this Japanese garden with our easy tricks


Built in 1687 on 32 acres of sand bank in the Asahi River, Korakuen incorporates lakes, ponds, streams and cascades of water, all traversed by unique bridge systems. Flat pathways made of stepping stones lead through bucolic communities of low evergreens, clustered grasses and Japanese maple trees. Several hidden tea houses perch along the pond edges, celebrating the ancient tea traditions of Japanese culture, set against a backdrop of katsura trees.

Elements to use in your garden

  • Naturalized setting and dia¬≠gonal layout of garden areas
  • Symbolic woody plants, katsura tree and Japan¬≠ese maples 
  • Architectural structures, tea pavilion, bridge, fence
  • Hard flooring materials, gravel and flagstone
  • Natural pond water feature with cascade

Photos, from top: Reggaeman, Tomas Tam

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