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Privacy panels for your garden

Paul Lewis
Photography by
Mark Burstyn

Garden privacy is just around the corner with these easy-to-build panels.

Retaining Strips
The edges of the lattice panels are hidden from view by small 1/2” x 1/2” retaining strips, commonly called nailing strips and used when building fences. Set one of the panel frames on its long edge and position a retaining strip in place. Instead of measuring each piece, simply take a direct measurement from the frame. Cut the retaining strip to length with a small handsaw and nail it in place with 1 1/2” hot-dipped, galvanized nails spaced 8” apart along the entire length of the strip. Use a pencil laid on its side as a gauge to ensure strips are located a uniform 1/4” (the diameter of the pencil) from the edges of the frame. Mark, cut and attach the remaining retaining strips accordingly.

Lattice Panels
The lattice panels are purchased in 4' x 8' sheets. Using a circular saw, cut the lattice panels to the correct length and width. Be careful: there are staples in the lattice. Lay the panels into the frame openings from behind and attach with more 1 1/2” nails spaced 8” apart. Make sure the best side of the lattice is showing and the pattern is the same. (The crimped ends of the staples in the lattice should be on the hidden side.) Drive the nails at a slight angle through the lattice into the frames. Once the lattice is installed, it's time to attach the completed panels to the deck.

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