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Privacy panels for your garden

Paul Lewis
Photography by
Mark Burstyn

Garden privacy is just around the corner with these easy-to-build panels.

The privacy panels are long enough to allow them to be attached directly to the side of the deck. Starting at the bottom of the corner panel, drive one 3” screw through the side of the panel into the deck skirt (see photo #1 on last page).

Square the panel using a level before driving a second screw through the opposite side (photo #2).

Next, check that the panel is vertical from top to bottom; use cedar shingles slipped in between the panel and the deck skirt to align the panel vertically (photo #3), then add two more screws to attach the panel permanently.

Continue installing the remainder of the panels this way (photo #4), then attach the panels together through their sides with three more 3” screws (see illustration on previous page).

Top Cap
The final addition to the privacy screen is the top cap. In addition to helping keep water away from vulnerable joints, these extra pieces of wood provide a decorative element. Cut the pieces to length and secure to the panels using a couple of screws for each one (photo #5). Fill the screw holes with silicone sealant to further guard against rain and snow.

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