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Host a fabulous summer garden party

Sabrina Linn

Make the most of the season with these easy ideas for stylish outdoor entertaining

Parting gifts

What better way to send off guests and visitors to your garden than with a little piece of it? Buy small metal containers to hold seeds. Cut out pictures of the appropriate flowers from the seed packets and place them in the bottom of the tins. Potting and watering instructions can be written on a small scroll of paper and put inside the container. Stack your party favours on a table for your guests to pick up on their way out.

Stylish solutions
Keep bees from joining the party with a stylish bee catcher (above left). Fill with sugar water or honey and place in an area of your property farthest away from the festivities.

To keep food chilled outside, try freezing fruit or flowers from your garden in ice bowls.

More themes
A formal English garden party is always in style. Set the tone with wicker or wood furniture. A plain linen tablecloth, white china and simple glassware (the Mason jars won't cut it for this event) can be dressed up with pretty, patterned napkins and a floral centrepiece or individual posies at each place setting.

A menu of watercress sandwiches with the crusts cut off might not be substantial enough, but the key is dainty finger food. You can always kick up the calorie count with cakes and scones with cream.

Whatever theme you choose, marry the setting, d├ęcor and food-and have fun.


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