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A no-fail crust and fresh ingredients are the perfect equation for fall desserts

September seems to be, more often than not, the month that people count as their favourite. Hovering somewhere between summer and fall, we savour its crisper nights while still enjoying the last of the year's warm, sunny days, and enjoy the nostalgic back-to-school feelings it evokes. Our taste in food seems to reflect this. Gone are the skimpy fruit salads and endless ices and gelatos. Now we're ready for something a little more comforting, with a little more heart-flaky pastry capturing seasonal fruits at their peak, for example. And when you choose them from a fruit stand's inviting display during a drive in the country, the experience is complete. Take your cues from our recipes for no-fail pie crust and experiment with your favourite fruits all year-round.

Fruit facts
According to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, there are approximately 16,000 fruit growers in the country. Apples account for the largest production, followed by blueberries, tender fruits, grapes, cranberries, strawberries and raspberries. The apple production is concentrated mostly in Ontario, British Columbia and Quebec; the berry, grape and tree fruit production in British Columbia and Ontario. Southern Ontario and southwest British Columbia have the longest growing seasons, with about 180 frost-free days per year. Regions of Quebec and the Maritimes also have significant fruit production, despite having only about 120 frost-free days per year.

Juicy fruit
Experiment all year-round with Canadian fruit at its peak.

Apples: August to April
Blueberries: June to September
Cherries: June and July
Cranberries: October and November
Peaches: July to September
Pears: August and September
Raspberries: June and July
Strawberries: April to July

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