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Fabulous cranberries

From breakfast to deserts, in salads or taking chicken dishes up a notch, cranberries bring their tart twist to any meal

These bog berries are famous during the holiday season: It seems no turkey is complete without the requesite cranberry sauce (not to mention the stuffing!).

Growing your own can be tricky; not only are they perennial, with some cranberry plants producing fruit for over 80 years, they also need an acidic bog to thrive. 

Whether you want to eat cranberries for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we've got the best in cranberry recipes right here. Cran-tastic!

Get the freshest fruit:

Cheery cranberries
Facts, tips and tricks for this essential holiday ingredient.


Whole wheat waffles with sautéed apples and cranberries
Whole wheat flour gives a nutty taste to these waffles; the fruit topping makes a delicious change from maple syrup.

Cranberry banana bread
Full of cranberries and bananas, this bread deliciously balances tart and sweet.


Mulled cranberry cider
With its lovely colour, fragrance and tart-sweet flavour, this cider is very enjoyable for pre-dinner sipping. Fresh ginger adds a pleasant bit of heat.

Christmas shortbread
Add tart cranberries for a twist on this easy-to-make Christmas classic.

Cranberry vinaigrette
Make a spinach salad festive with this dressing and add clementines, pecans and dried cranberries for added crunch.

Partridgeberry or cranberry sauce
A sweet-tart fruit accompaniment made from seasonal cranberries or partridgeberries is a must for the Thanksgiving table, and this recipe is pure fruit with no added flavours.

Main courses:

Grilled cranberry glazed turkey
A turkey cooked on the grill is moist and flavourful. Be sure to cook the stuffing separately; it's difficult to cook it safely in the bird when grilling.

Happy day chicken
This roasted chicken, which is infused with the flavours of cranberry, mustard, honey, and sage-scented bread stuffing, makes a wonderful holiday bird.


Fruity mincemeat pie
Liven up mincemeat with pears, cranberries, lemon juice and brandy.

Frozen cranberry nougat with cranberry compote
The combination of slightly tart cranberries, sweet toffee bits, toasted almonds and frozen meringue makes for a tantalizing chilled dessert to tuck away in the freezer.

Cranberry-apple cobbler
This dessert pairs sweet apples and tangy cranberries and presents them under a crunchy golden topping.

Cranberry white chocolate cookie bars
Perfect for lunches and cottage nibbles, these oatmeal cookie snacks take less than 30 minutes to make and bake.

Rustic apple, pear and cranberry pie
Using puff pastry saves you steps, just remember to transfer puff pastry from freezer to fridge the day before. If you prefer, you can also use regular pastry with the same method.

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