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Hampton Island heirloom tomato consommé

Another refreshing way to enjoy your delicious homegrown heirlooms

tomato water
Makes 4 cups

4          lbs (1.8 kg) vine-ripened red tomatoes (about 10 medium)
1-1/2    tbsp (22 ml) coarse salt

1. Rinse tomatoes well under running water. Quarter tomatoes and place in a food processor. Purée tomatoes with salt until smooth. Line a large sieve set over a tall nonreactive pot with two 45-centimetre-square pieces of cheesecloth and carefully pour tomato purée over the cloth. Gather sides up over purée to form a large sack and, without squeezing, gently gather upper thirds of cheesecloth together. Carefully tie cheesecloth securely with kitchen string and attach to a wooden spoon longer than the diameter of a stockpot; remove sieve. Put spoon across top of stockpot, suspending sack inside and leaving enough room underneath sack so that it will not sit 
in the tomato water that accumulates. Place in refrigerator and let tomatoes drain for at least 8 hours.

2. Gently remove pot from refrigerator, and without squeezing tomatoes, discard cheesecloth and its contents and transfer tomato water to a bowl. Tomato water will keep, covered and chilled, up to four days.

Created by Chef Paul A. Paskins, Hampton Island preserve


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