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Lettuce recipes

Jennifer Murray

This leafy veggie is good for more than just salads

While lettuce has been relegated to salads and sandwich garnish in this day and age, the vegetable wasn't always so humble.

In Ancient Egypt, lettuce was considered an aphrodisiac, and was sacred plant to Min, god of reproduction. Ancient Greek doctors considered lettuce a sleep-inducer, and lettuce made its way to Europe via the Romans, who cultivated it. Lettuce was brought to the Americas by Christopher Columbus, who planted the first lettuce in Haiti.

Now a major commerical crop, lettuce is grown in fields and year-round in greenhouses. While head lettuce is harvested by machine, leaf lettuce is still largely harvested by hand; for every hour after harvesting that lettuce is out of refrigeration, it looses a day of shelf life.

Ready to put some green leafy goodness into your day? Try one of our delicious recipes!


Primavera lettuce salad
Simple salads can be a refreshing course before dessert, especially when topped with delicious cheese!

Dark green salad with honey-mint vinaigrette
A salad of dark leafy greens offers a simple way to get more lutein. Romaine lettuce has about 26 per cent more lutein than iceberg and spinach has a whopping 90 per cent more!

Green salad with orange poppy seed dressing
This salad is attractive with its two shades of green and colourful add-ins. Enjoy it s a refreshing course on its own or after soup.

Avocado and bibb lettuce toss
Try this twist on the traditional tossed salad!

Peas with lettuce
This traditional French braised dish makes an elegant but simple side dish for chicken.

Soups and sandwiches

Caesar salad sandwich
Turn your favourite salad into a scrumptious sandwich with this easy recipe.

Tea time recipes
Try the Chicken with rosemary mayo and Boston lettuce sandwich; it’s hearty and healthy!

Chilled lettuce soup
Wonderfully refreshing, this soup makes a terrific first course on a sultry summer evening.

Meat dishes

Diced chicken in lettuce cups
The soaking liquid of the dried shiitake mushrooms (black mushrooms) gives this quick and light Chinese-style dish a rich flavour.

Vietnamese lettuce cups
This make-ahead pork appetizer is colourful, and the lettuce cups make it fun to eat.

Asian beef lettuce cups
Lettuce makes a healthy, crunchy wrap for this slightly hot, flavourful beef mixture to serve with rice.

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