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Preserve your bounty from the garden

Don't let any of your precious produce go to waste: From picking herbs to making preserves, there are many ways to enjoy your harvest


meta-helpful-tips-for-canning-pr.jpgHelpful tips for canning and preserving
Extend the enjoyment of your harvest by preserving fruits and vegetables

meta-5-ways-to-preserve-herbs-22.jpgFive ways to preserve your herbs in five minutes
Don't let all that flavour wither on the vine! Try these simple recipes to season a variety of meals

meta-great-scapes-227.jpgThe great scape
Don't let those curly shoots go to waste! Pick and eat garlic scapes at their peak

meta-herb-basket.jpgHarvesting herbs
Learn when and how to pick and preserve nature's own remedies

meta-coriander-227.jpgCoriander delivers from root to tip
How to cook with and preserve the fragrant cilantro leaves, the roots and stems, and the seeds

meta-tomatillos-227.jpgFive things to do with your tomatillos
Unwrap these little green packages to create toppings, sauces and soups

meta-rhubarb-227.jpgThree things to do with your rhubard bounty
Tired of pie? Stew, chill and boil your bounty into these edible (and inedible) recipes


meta-cucumber-relish-227.jpgGarlicky cucumber pickle relish
Preserve your pickling cucumbers into this savoury summer condiment

meta-tomatosauce-227x265.jpgFamily secret tomato sauce
Turn your tomato harvest into a rich sauce that will last throughout winter

meta-compote-457.jpgSavour the versatility of fruit compotes
These sweet condiments have made the leap from desserts to entrées

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