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Move over meat, rosemary’s not just for chicken and lamb. Although it can be astringent, rosemary plays surprising well with a wide range of fruits. Apples, apricots, black currants, pears, and grapes work well with this Mediterranean herb. Add citrus (lemon, lime or grapefruit) with a touch honey for well-rounded flavour.

Use sparingly. Chop this woody herb finely if using directly in a dish. For a more subtle approach, infuse a few sprigs into cream or simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar, brought to a boil) and add this infusion to the fruit.


Like cilantro, tarragon is a love-it or leave-it herb. While genetics determines whether or not you find cilantro soapy, misuse is likely the cause of a tarragon aversion. French tarragon can be quite pungent. When cut too finely, this already powerful herb can develop an unpleasant taste from rapid oxidization. If you love tarragon and want to introduce others to its joy, pair it with cantaloupe to soften the taste. Just roughly chop a few leaves and toss with diced melon. For those who don’t like cantaloupe, grapefruit is another fruit that will show off tarragon’s hint of anise. Use gently chopped leaves with restraint. Don’t mince it finely.

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