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The great (garlic) scape

Don't let those curly shoots go to waste! Pick and eat garlic scapes at their peak

Easy grilled garlic scapes
As the weather warms up, the grill is the perfect way to enjoy your scapes. This ultra-simple recipe is a perfect introduction to their delicate flavour and showcases their unique shape.

•    Garlic scapes
•    Olive oil
•    Sea salt

1.    Heat your grill to high, as you would if roasting vegetables.
2.    Trim the scapes and toss in olive oil to coat lightly.
3.    Place the scapes on the grill. Use tongs to turn occasionally, keeping in mind that scapes are very tender and cook quickly.
4.    When the scapes are browned and soft (they go limp when you turn them), remove them from the grill and toss with a little fresh sea salt.
5.    Serve hot as a side dish.

Charmian Christie is an avid gardener and home cook. When she's not digging in the dirt, she's charting her culinary adventures on her blog, Christie's Corner.


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