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Which 3 combinations of vines / flower colours/blooming?

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Postby countrychic » Apr 30, 2008 12:25 pm

Thanks for the tips. You all have helped me narrower down my choices, lol
For the honeysuckle, I'll get the Goldflame. Thanks Patty for all the advice. Check that one off.

Next is that Silver lace vine. If I get one, it will go, as suggested, in the place that most things won't grow, which would be in the center, mostly full shade, and maple tree roots.
But what about that Climbing Hydrangea...I read it grows slowly and takes 5 years to bloom and has a trunk like root system. So a better choice would be the Japanese Climbing Hydrangea, which flowers in 2 years, has pink flowers and grows faster. Any advice on this one? Full shade area. Probably costs more too (!)

And then the Clamatis..still deciding, depending on the center vine colour choice. I have narrowed it down to either Mrs. N. Thompson, or Guernsey Cream, or Dr. Ruppel, all being repeat bloomers.
What do you think?
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