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Re: What Grinds My Gears

Postby MareE » May 17, 2008 5:22 am

Mindless hoseless garden hoses, Denise? You're a corker. Can relate to those kinks. Can add a few bats to the belfry for sure, Meggylou, the struggle with stubborn hoses. As property is smallish, can't justify cost of sprinkler system which wouldn't ever consider anyhoo even if could bankroll one, so hose and watering can it is here, accompanying grit and drenching and grass clippings stuck to bare feet and calves in the process kinda ignored till next time gotta uncoil the durned HOSE. LAFF

Thistle Garden, least favourite gardening task you ask is quite the same as yours. I despise thinning veggie sprouts and spend too much guilt time finding another home for the poor wee thinnings. Come June, I'll have another least favourite gardening task which will most likely be weeding (which is therapeutic if not in a rush) and de-bugging by squishing the buggers.

MareE fellow squeamish thinner in meantime;o}

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