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Making Asparagus Bed

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Making Asparagus Bed

Postby Durgan » May 16, 2008 7:34 pm

Making Asparagus Bed 16 May 2008 Making Asparagus Bed.

The bed is 41 inches by 102 inches by 12 inches deep. About a cubic yard of soil was removed. Time taken three hours from start to finish. Compost, sand and a bit ot bone meal was added and mixed prior to planting the Asparagus Millenium Rhizomes. There were a total of eleven rhizomes. The bed will be filled in with compost, sand and a bit of normal soil as the plant grows, similar to hilling potatoes. The rhizomes were spaced about 16 inches apart, and covered with two inches of soil, with the crown just protruding above the soil level.
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