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Crosne (Stachys affinis)

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Crosne (Stachys affinis)

Postby Durgan » May 22, 2008 6:45 pm

Crosne (Stachys affinis)

I receive about 30 crosne tubers (Stachys affinis) today 18 April 2008, and found information for planting. They will be in the ground tomorrow. I have a contained area for growing, since they are considered to be invasive. This hard to find vegetable that is easily grown. You eat the tubers either raw or slightly stir fried. If you wish you can steam them too. 18 April 2008 Crosne tubers received and ready for planting.

Pronounciation is 'Crone'.
Plant 7cm deep, 15cm apart. Harvest after frost kills the foliage. Leave in the ground until needed. Scrub and then boil the pretty pearl tubers for 5-10 minutes, or use raw in salads, or stir fry. Tip: When harvesting, drop the artichokes straight into a bucket of cold water to start soaking of the dirt. 22 May 2008 Crosne (Stachys affinis) growing.
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