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tree Trouble

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tree Trouble

Postby pookytooth » May 25, 2008 9:03 pm

Hi every-One sure hope some-one can help:
I purchased a Harlequin Maple tree about 3/4 years ago from a Nursery ( it was an accumalation of gift certicates from my children ) so this tree is Special to me.

The tree was planted by the nursery : and a week later the leaves started to turn Brown and curl: They said most likely Wind Burn from the delivery trip : Sounded reasonable . Was told to wait till next spring : sure it has a year warranty :
Tree comes out beautiful every spring : then about 2 weeks into Spring and the new leaves : they start curling and turning brown: and eventually this tree looks dead before the end of June.

I have used insecticide Soap ( doesn't Help) I have watered as directed : I have fertilized as directed :
One thing I noticed the 2nd Spring this tree was engulfed by large black flies : it was gross looking and I don't why they swarmed to this tree ?.

The tree is now out in leave and already starting to curl and turn brown from the outer leaf edge inward.
The nursery ignores me afterall they got my $300.00

Any Ideas : on how to treat this tree and what does it HAVE?........

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Postby Jade » May 25, 2008 9:27 pm

Maybe the root system was damaged when planted. Was it balled and burlaped or in a container. Not familiar with this tree so I have no idea if it is suited for your area or planing site. Is anyone spraying anything around the tree or into the grass around it. Are you using a weed & feed type of fetilizer - maybe the tree is picking up something from its environment? If the nursery who planted it won't help, go to another or contact your local hort. society or maybe parks dept. I would put in writing a complaint to the head honcho of the nursery to make sure they know about the lack of customer service.
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Postby Ian » May 25, 2008 11:57 pm

read this info on why your maple leaves are browning.
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Postby pookytooth » May 26, 2008 7:38 am

thanks for your response : another name for this Tree is a Norway Maple I have been told: I live in South Western Ont. The tree was wired and burlapped: We are in a farm community but in a subdivision we do not spray but most of the residence do spray every season, including the farm lands we back on to.
I am going to GO directly to the nursery again : They just keep saying the tree isn't dead so there is nothing they can do?
Like rust on a car it is there but it has not rusted through?

A;so The website for Trees browning is Great : I had no Idea Maples are so sensitive to the enviroment:
I am going to try and get the nursery to investigate the root system?
Wish me luck

Thanks Again for some ideas.
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