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Give me replacement plant ideas pls!

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Re: Give me replacement plant ideas pls!

Postby Elena Zimmerman » Jun 22, 2012 9:08 am

Monkshood, if you do not mind swapping red and oranges for blues and whites. If partial shade is not too deep, peonies is an option. Columbines would be another trouble free pick. Some bluebells. Well, I am in a cold place, I bet warmer places will have more options.
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Elena Zimmerman
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Re: Give me replacement plant ideas pls!

Postby B_BQ » Jun 22, 2012 10:13 am

Not sure whether you would have enough sunshine for roses, but if you do then another suggestion for a low growing rose would be the 'carpet roses'. I have several of these, (they get a lot of sunshine though), and they've been fantastic. They've been blooming now for a month and will continue to bloom until October. About once a month I go out with the shears and literally hack them back to keep them about 12 inches high. They love it and bounce back almost immediately!
The Rugosa roses are good too, but very thorny. Their perfume makes up for those though.
I certainly like the idea of a peony. A paler variety would look nice, as it would pop in that area.
Barberry, of course, is a lovely plant, (I want one - or 2/3!).
Astilbe would be nice too. You could have a couple of patches, (maybe 3 plants in a patch), and they would do well I think. They come in lots of different colours these days. There are also dwarf varieties.
The low-growing creeping phlox would look nice too, close to an edge. Lovely colours to choose from too. Of course, that would be blooming in the spring and then would just be green.
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Re: Give me replacement plant ideas pls!

Postby Eeyore » Jun 22, 2012 11:28 am

With the shade Hostas would be nice. There are some very pretty ones that will provide season long interest. Peonies are wonderful but the bloom season is so short. I think I'd look at something with good structure and interesting foliage.
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Re: Give me replacement plant ideas pls!

Postby Gothic3 » Jun 23, 2012 12:55 pm

Beautiful garden! I think Astilbe would be good there; they come in many different colours. Also some of the shrub roses would give you lots of colour and they are much easier to care for than the hybrid teas.
Good luck
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Re: Give me replacement plant ideas pls!

Postby HeelsDown » Jun 24, 2012 11:39 am

Thanks everyone! These ideas are great! I'll look them all up and see what would be a good fit. Will keep you posted!

I was outside yesterday weeding the gardens, and when I got to where the lilies where, I was dismayed to find more larvae and now a few adults again. I cleaned them up and powdered them...they are SO pretty right now. All the red ones are out and yellow ones started opening this morning. I see how pretty they are and get all wishy washy on taking them out...until I'm on my knees rubbing off larvae poo lol!

Thanks again! Back soon :)
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