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We all are experiencing

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We all are experiencing

Postby kelly_m » Jul 11, 2012 6:34 pm

weird weather patterns this year.

Around here most things are very early.....growing season will be much longer than usual.
Some things, however, are about average.

One thing....much to my pleasant surprise, has been on-growing since early spring......One of my cool Columbine.....Leperchaun Gold...with a great deep purple double flower....It's still blooming!!!!!!
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Re: We all are experiencing

Postby ben01 » Jul 11, 2012 10:51 pm

It's a very strange year. I've had some concerns with some of my trees, and as I look around the neighbourhood I see the same thing; the leaves just aren't as full and vigorous. i don't know whether it is the dryness and the heat, or whether the mild winter allowed for a proliferation of pests.

In fact, that seems to go for all my stuff; nothing is dying off, but I don't see alot of vigorous growth.

Most of my stuff are various trees and shrubs; I don't know if its different for flowers, although I note some of my impatiens are starting to look leggy, as are the neighbours' flowers.

Also, where I am (just north of Toronto, ONtario) we had that bizarre heat in March (25 degrees plus) that woke everything up, just to be beat back by cold snaps in April (for example, all my flower buds on my Charles Jolly lilac tree died off).

The upside is that I've been able to spend alot more time sitting on my back porch or front stoop, watching stuff grow!
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Re: We all are experiencing

Postby Eeyore » Jul 11, 2012 11:06 pm

Warm, warm, warm and humid the past few days. We are experiencing weather that is more common in Ontario than Alberta but I'm not complaining!
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Re: We all are experiencing

Postby Mygrandmeresgarden » Jul 12, 2012 9:02 am

We had a super early Spring but after the initial warm it, it was really cool and now, no rain and all my fruit trees are suffering. Will be hauling water to give them all a drink on the weekend.

Lost most of my small cedars and some of my perennials. The strawberries are slow. Very weird year for sure.
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Re: We all are experiencing

Postby Black Dahlia » Jul 15, 2012 5:23 pm

We had the 25 degree weather here in march and then the cold snap again that ben01 mentioned. I think for some plants and tree's it did them good but for other's not so much. I've noticed that some people have very large gorgeous plants and vines and other's don't seem to be doing as well. I've only had my garden for about a month but it's the same with mine. I've got a few perennials that are thriving but some of my daylily's don't look too good, no scapes yet. I'm noticing new growth on a few though so I'm hoping that they're just adapting to the transplant. My Morning Glory's aren't blooming yet but they've climbed 4 or 5 feet up the trellis in the last week, my Mandevilla is blooming beautifully but only about half the height of the Morning Glory's, Some of my annuals are doing extremely well and other's fading like they might die. My regular tomato plant is only a couple of feet high but has tons of tomatoes on it, my two heirlooms are not nearly as bushy at all and only have one or two tomatoes on them and it doesn't really look like there's any new flowers yet (haven't been out to look today though so maybe), they're about 6 inches shorter than the regular variety too. And my pepper plants don't seem to be growing much higher yet but one out of three seems to have a bunch of buds forming, the other two are shorter and might have a couple of buds forming. I've also got Rosemary that has grown about 4 inches in the last week, Basil that is bushy but doesn't seem to be getting bigger, Oregano has also grown a bunch this week, and my poor little Thyme plant is healthy looking but doesn't seem to be growing.
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