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What type of sun light is this?

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Re: What type of sun light is this?

Postby kelly_m » Aug 15, 2012 9:44 pm

No not bradford...there is one between Wasaga and Elmvale!

But I am not promoting it, just cause I work there! LOL

the Astilbe should be fine once they get mov ed to a shadier section.

You also have to remember that, unless you have a sprinkler system and you were not on a watering ban these last few weeks, even shade plants would be sttruggling to survive only because of the severe lack of moisture in the soil!

I know Wasaga was never under a ban...but with Sandy soil, you almost needed to water double the amount during the drought!
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Re: What type of sun light is this?

Postby copperbeech » Aug 17, 2012 5:42 pm

Porcelina wrote:My garden is mainly shade, but one end gets 2-3 hours hot midday sun. I'm in Wasaga Beach,

I'm not sure if I should be planting full sun plants there as the sun is only there for 2-3 hours (1-3 pm).

I am doubtful that 3 hours of midday sun can be considered "full sun".

As you probably know "full sun" with respect to plants is 6 hours or more but I have been successful with "full sun" plants with as little as 4 hours of direct sunlight.

Having said this all you can do is experiment. Try a "full sun" plant and see how it does.
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