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When to dig Dahlia bulbs

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Re: When to dig Dahlia bulbs

Postby Big Smile » Oct 25, 2012 5:47 pm

Heidi S wrote:My 3 dahlia bulbs were dug up and dried out about 3 weeks ago, as we had killing frost in mid September here in PG. They are now sitting in a shallow tub with some vermiculite spread around them. I have 3 enormous Skaugum begonia bulbs drying under my dining room table, and they will get put into the basement in a similar fashion.

I don't have a good safe cold zone in the house which has a finished basement (no garage), but I put them in the space under my stairs which is the coolest. I use the vermiculite to control the moisture which has worked better than just leaving the bulbs in the tubs on their own.

Bye the way, it is currently snowing in PG, and my tire change appointment is tomorrow! I don't think it will stay on the ground, but it startled me to look out the window while cleaning house and see the white stuff!

Dear Heidi,,just keep the snow there. We had an unusually warm day today 22C. I was out in shorts and was quite comfortable doing some more cleanup in the garden.

As for Dahlias: they should be OK under your stairs. I don't think its real important to keep them cold but rather in dark place . I have a cold room where I keep most of my bulbs but since we have room in the garage I will keep the Dahlia tubers there instead of taking them downstairs. We make many trips up and down by the time everything is stored for the winter. Cannas don't like it too cold, I keep them in the furnace room. Enjoy your flurries, they are pretty at the right time :-)
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Re: When to dig Dahlia bulbs

Postby Millie » Oct 25, 2012 5:53 pm

Heidi, I don't what the highest was here today probably in middle 20C as students from across the street were sunbathing in their bikinis and short-shorts on the lawn. It's 22C now.
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