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dogwood shrub

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dogwood shrub

Postby Vendella01 » Jul 10, 2013 9:47 pm

I have a verigated dogwood,it has been growing great, bloomed, however now I noticed there are a lot of red dots on the leaves and some leaves are turning pink, and have dropped off. Is this normal? This shrub is three years old. about three feet high, :) I didnt notice any discoloration on it in previous years, we have had a lot of rain, would this be a factor?
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Re: dogwood shrub

Postby Ian66 » Jul 10, 2013 11:09 pm

Your red dots on the leaves is either anthracnose, septoria leaf spot or cercospora......dogwoods are suseptable to all 3 leave spot fungi.....
Don't be too alarmed, this season seems to be bad for leaf spots on dogwoods and you probably won't get it next year....
It wont harm or kill your will just look bad this year....
It is hard to stop or control this fungus, but if you want to try, then I would suggest copper sulphate or garden sulpher mixed with water and apply to the foliage on a cloudy up any fallen leaves and disposing them will help the spread of spores and reinfection next season....that being said, your dogwwod probably got the spot from spores from someone in the neighbourhood...
I get this leaf spot some seasons and believe me that your shrub will be fine....

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