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marigold advice

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marigold advice

Postby aries » Apr 12, 2014 5:02 pm

Hey all, gardening beginner here. I'm wondering how I'm doing with my marigold.

They were grown indoors from seeds, but unfortunately I didn't keep the packaging so I don't know the species I've got. The seed packet only says "MARICRA 102807 F". Here's what the seed looks like:


I planted the seeds on Feb 4 indoors in a Jiffy container. A few weeks later, I put the biggest dozen into a bigger pot and kept it indoors. In late March, I finally put them outside on our south facing balcony. The weather is 10+ C where I'm at (Vancouver), and getting warmer. Oh, and "someone" snuck in 2 dwarf sunflowers in the middle of the pot...

Here's what the plants look like now.




I have a few questions:

1. can you tell which species of marigold I have?
2. is this pot big enough to hold what I've got?
3. should I be seeing some flowers by now? It's been over 2 months since I planted the seeds. I read that flowers should come in 45-60 days, but that probably depends on the species?
4. is it normal for some of the leaves to turn brown?

Any other advice would be welcome :)

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