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Small whites bugs in soil... need help identifying

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Small whites bugs in soil... need help identifying

Postby robhickey » Apr 13, 2014 9:35 pm

Hello there!

I am an extreme newbie to gardening. So imagine my surprise when something went wrong within the first couple weeks of me starting up!! (Not!)

I currently have an infestation of tiny white bugs in my potted plants. They are extremely tiny and even holding some of the soil in my hand with the things right in my face I could barely make them out, other than a white dot moving around. Luckily my camera did I pretty good job of capturing them, I have a video on YouTube;
Your best bet is to watch it in HD (you can change the settings at the bottom of the video) and in full screen, you can actually see them really clearly, though they are fast moving!

I've been looking around at indoor pests. I'm fairly certain they aren't root aphids or springtails. They seem to hang around the top couple inches of the soil and don't climb up onto the plant. I was looking at Hypoaspis Miles, which looks really similar, but from what I've read they seem to be beneficial rather than a pest, so I'm really unsure about what to do here, if I should even try to get rid of them!

I'd really appreciate some input or guesses as to what these could be. Thanks so much in advance!
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