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Haphazard perennial garden

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Haphazard perennial garden

Postby Lilylover » May 14, 2014 5:34 am

Hello, I was a member here until about 6 years ago. Just reconnecting. I have a mostly shady garden with no form or function (Lots of hostas). A lot of established (overgrown) perennials and shrubs. I bought my home a dozen years ago and without a clue started poking plants where ever I could find space. When I ran out of space, I'd start another bed. Now I've creted a monster of a garden. I've moved plants around, trying to make it look 'presentable' with little success. How the heck do I make my garden look like the pictures in the magazines??? (I vow to stop buying more plants until I get some order to muy garden!)
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Re: Haphazard perennial garden

Postby tricone » May 15, 2014 8:48 pm

Got any photos?

Mine sounds like it's becoming similar, and it's mostly my fault! I am gradually going back over mine. I'm regrouping perennials a bit better - beforehand they were just planted in two large beds (sun and shade) with no other kind of organization. Now I'm grouping them within those beds, in bands and patches of similar plants. Got all my coneflowers and black eyed susans together in a clump, all my sages and lavenders in a nice long band at the front, etc. I'm also digging up some of the more obscure perennials (which I only have one or two specimens of) and keeping them in pots instead.
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