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What's wrong with my zucchini plants?

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What's wrong with my zucchini plants?

Postby cheukiecfu » Jun 11, 2014 9:40 pm

This is my first time planting zucchini, I live in a condo so I placed the 3 pots in my balcony. The plants are growing each day with some blooming flowers. Recently I noticed there are spots and tiny holes on a few larger leaves, and some smaller leaves look burnt on the edge. I checked but didn’t notice any bugs/insect eggs.

Can someone please tell me what’s wrong with my plants? How can I fix them? If it’s bacteria/fungus, I want to stop it before it spreads to the rest of my plants!!!! Thanks in advance!



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Re: What's wrong with my zucchini plants?

Postby Ian66 » Jun 12, 2014 6:14 am

First of all, your plants look major problems that I see that will affect its health.
The damage seen on the second photo looks like "mechanical damage" maybe produced by the leaf folding or banging around in the wind and has developed necrotic spots...nothing to worry about....
In the third photo, the leaf has been damaged and it looks like a fungus (maybe Botrytis) has started, but this is normal when a leaf is damaged....simply remove the leaf in the 3rd photo.....also, you may observe later that an odd lower leaf may yellow or be discarded by the plant as it grows.....the plant doesn't need the old leaves as the plant grows and produces fruit ( zucchinis)...remove leaves that concern you....
You do not need to apply anything!......
Water as needed and remember to fertilize (lightly) once a week or use a slow release fertilizer, because potting soil has no nutrients in it
Bottom line: Relax....your plants look very good!
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