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Daffodil Dilema

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Postby murphy » Apr 03, 2008 8:29 am

I don't think a pest is the reason my daffodils I have large clumps that are thriving all around my yard..front and back. I may replant this hill in the fall and see what happens..if they all die again I won't bother....just let the sweet woodruff take it over.
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Postby Ruby » May 07, 2008 10:44 am

I have solved my foray into my garden these past couple of days has led me to discover why I have daffodil failure....sort of.

Of the 80+ bulbs I planted last spring (they were given to me then), only a few came back this year, and of the ones that did, only ONE bloomed. I dug them all up yesterday, and of the 25 that had leaves, 15 of them had rotting bulbs. I sliced one open, and it was full of worm like critters. So, the ones where the bulbs were untouched, are now in a pot, safely out of the ground. The rest have been put into a bag and sent to the dump. Not putting THOSE in my compost heap!

So, why do I have this problem and my neighbors dont?? My mind thinks that the worms (or whatever they were) were perhaps already present when I planted them. I got them all from a landscaper guy who rented the house next to ours, and they were left overs from a job he did. So, who knows WHERE they came from.....

And thus ends the daffodil dilema here in Maple Ridge.... :(
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