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Postby Durgan » Sep 11, 2008 7:01 pm 11 September 2008 Spanish Onions Harvested today.
Onions are large and well shaped. They will be further dried and stored in a cool place. Summary: Onion Growing experience.

I plant in very early Spring, as soon as the frost leaves the ground, and the soil can be worked. The bulbs are planted, but small seedlings are also successful, but grow longer to maturity. They are in full sun, in good soil well supplied with vegetative compost. When the bulbs start to bulge and rise above the ground I heavily mulch with wood chips. This tends to keep the top vegetation green longer than just exposing the bulbs, hence larger bulbs. And I keep the soil damp often with a watering can.

This year 2008, I am very happy with my Spanish onions. Onions are light sensitive- meaning they grow vigorous vegetation until the days shorten then they bulb; so maximum growth is essential at the beginning of the season by extending the time in the ground in early Spring.

I do grow the multiplier onions for early green use, and they also thrive.
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