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Postby beeman » Sep 26, 2008 9:54 am

I would like to bring to your attention two advances in gardening which seem to have slipped below the radar of most gardeners, as nobody seems to know anything about them. These have to be the most exciting things to happen to gardening since the discovery of irrigation!

My garden suffers with both Fusarium and Verticillium wilt. It is impossible to grow potatoes, tomatoes, melons etc as they're a total waste of time. The results are devastating and soul destroying, makes you want to give up gardening. Any answer I have been given up to date begins with 'strain selection' and then goes on to say 'there is no cure'. Well, now there is a preventative and a new product, seems to be only in the US as I cannot find it in Canada, called 'Actinovate Soil and plant innoculant'. This product forms a symbiotic telationship with the plant roots and prevents damage by the wilt fungus, even improves the growth of healthy plants. Can be used as a soil drench or a foliar spray. Visit for more information.

Another advance which I find is just as exciting, NO MORE CHEMICALS.
I am plagued with cinch bugs, cut worms, wire worms, codlng moth and soon Japanese Beetles, the list is endless. I have a cupboard full of various chemicals trying to keep on top of the nasties. Well here comes a different approach. 'Benificials'. Strains of nematodes which seak out and destroy the nasties in the larval form. It seems that most if not all of the nasties, and there are over 250 strains, live for a period in the soil, these nematodes are released into the garden where they seek out and kill them from the inside. This product is available in Canada from plus there is a web site dealing extensively with the 'Green' approach to gardening at

I for one am about to undergo a radical change to my gardening pratices and I would encourage all to examine these sites. Just think of the advantages to you and to your families, lets all stop polluting our gardens, soil and our bodies with all these chemical additives.
Any and all comments would be gratefully received
Sorry for the long post, but I believe it to be useful and necessary.
Regards beeman
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Re: Benificials

Postby Durgan » Sep 30, 2008 5:54 pm

Fusarium appears to be a major concern. Verticillium wilt is a nasty mostly affecting trees.

It would seem to me the links direct one to commercial control sites, which are mostly overlooked by the few papers I have read from Provincial Fact sheets regarding Fusarium and Verticillum wilt.

My minor effort is directed to cultivation practices. In the Fall turn the soil and expose it to sun, and again cultivate in Spring to disturb harmful insects before they emerge as adults. Remove all weeds.

There is no single solution to all soil problems, but advocating commercial products without strong supporting evidence is against my normal inclinations. Even when used and the disease disappears, it must be repeated many time to determine if that was the reason for eradication.

I might add that fire is a great disease eradicator. This method is little used today. At one time straw on the fields was burned. This probably did more to eradicate harmful pathogens than many of the "modern" methods

I do propane torch certain plants with some success, namely: inhibiting hollyhock rust. Here is the device I used:
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