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Procrastinator's Lament #1

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Re: Procrastinator's Lament #1

Postby MareE » May 15, 2012 8:20 am

DonnaZn2SK wrote:MarE,
Sucks to get old...stuff I want to remember is forgotten and stuff I don't need won't go away.

Ain't that the trut', Donna! K, don't think my subject title is correct. This thread is really about forgetting, not procrastinating, eh? Your friend obviously forgot that the hostess shouldn't let others do the dishes, for instance. hahahaha

ROTFL. Lulu, what it is about spoiled poultry that makes it so noisome is beyond me but I really don't need/want to know. It is almost grosser than past due date fish. eek A whiff of frothing organic seed soup is pretty gaggy but my brain interprets it as a "good" smell, if that makes sense.

Having never smelled rotting dead horse flesh, Donna, wouldn't know how it compares to rotten bacon. At the old family cottage one August, my grandma gave me bacon left in car trunk a few days without benefit of Tupperware® (hadn't been invented yet) to feed the snapping turtles so it musta been seriously bad. She was Scottish and didn't let stuff go to waste. I recall Grandad being POd at the smell of his car. The geriatric snapping turtles lived for more meat treats, no worries. ;o}

Brenda, I turned the garage and back basement upside down last nite and packs of seed you gifted me in 2008 are definitely "missing". So YES please! I'll be emailing you next thing. Bless you for having back-up!

Lyn, I have a small number of Inge's Lemon Cuke progeny seed which I will definitely pre-sprout. After looking up what that means exactly? laffs I've always waited for soil to warm up then direct seed cukes, squash & gourds, etc.
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