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Trying to figure out my garden :)

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Re: Trying to figure out my garden :)

Postby SueMonette » Sep 06, 2012 2:00 pm

Hi Jersm,

Some of my pumpkins did take in the end. I have one nice sized one, one small one and one really small one! A fourth small one turned orange last week and fell off the vine yesterday. It, for some reason, shriveled up a bit. It looked to be shriveling while on the vine, though the vine itself looks fine. None of the others are shriveling so not sure what is up with that one.

I have 2 new female flowers with itty bitty pumpkins on them. I doubt they'll do anything in the next two months but I'll keep fertilizing it and see what happens! I think some of the vines just took a while to get long enough - like you said - these new ones are at the ends. I've told my hubby to not mow off any more vine ends! :)

I do think pollination was an issue. There are a lot of pollinators back there but it seemed sometimes that when a female flower finally came along that got big enough to open, no male flowers were around! I pollinated some by hand - including the two new ones - so I'll cross my fingers. :)

Thanks for the post!
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Re: Trying to figure out my garden :)

Postby Jersm » Sep 06, 2012 6:43 pm

thats good to hear, mine are still growing too a have a few getting fatter everyday, we will use them for decorations most likely.

Ive noticed some flowers they open and end up getting beat up and kind of close over itself like it cant stay open. so a few of them i actually opened a bit myself to let bee's in.

the shriveling one might have been effected by bugs and it might just be rotting. Ive had a few cucumbers that rot right on a healthy vine due to bugs. but hey they gotta get something out of it, we still got lots of cucumbers.

hopefully they leave our pumkins a lone. :mrgreen:
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