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Wonderful Tomato Crop 2012

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Wonderful Tomato Crop 2012

Postby Durgan » Oct 27, 2012 8:51 am

Over the yeas there was a desire to grow a perfect tomato crop if there is such a thing. This year was my best ever. My garden is finished for the 2012 season except for some parsnips still in the ground. 16 September 2012 . 214 pounds of tomatoes picked 2,5,9,16 September
A total of 513 pounds of tomatoes was picked from about 32 plants over the season. Average about 16 pounds per plant. There are probably another 100 or so pounds remaining if the weather holds with no frost.This is my best year ever for tomatoes. 2 September 2012 Tomato picked Twelve pounds. Total to date 311 pounds. 23 August 2012 Tomatoes picked today. Total to date 299 pounds. 12 August Tomatoes Collected 50 Pounds Tomatoes Picked today.Total from the 32 plants to date is 284 pounds. 4 August 2012. Tomatoes Picked today.Twenty four Pounds
Total from the 32 plants to date is 234 pounds. 2 August 2012 Tomatoes picked today. Total form the 32 plants is 210 pounds to date. 31 July 2012 Tomatoes Picked on 24,29, 31 July.Total 65 Pounds.
Total Picked from the 32 plants so far this season is 186 pounds. 22 July 2012. Tomatoes picked today.
Forty one pounds of tomatoes were picked today from the main tomato patch consisting of 32 plants suspended by ropes, free growing.Fifteen pounds were processed into juice and the remainder was spread amongst neighbours.Total tomatoes from the garden so far this year is 121 pounds.Types are: Bonny Best(5), Celebrity(5), Big Beef(5), Better Boy(5), Black Krim(Purple fruit)(10), and Lemon Boy (2).
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Re: Wonderful Tomato Crop 2012

Postby kelly_m » Oct 27, 2012 9:50 am

Durgan! Welcome back!!

But HOLY COW!!!!!! Your neighbours must really like you!

Despite the very dry summer and the watering ban I have tosay this was one if myy most successful tomatoe summers as well. The plain old Romas were falling off and I had a Yellow variety (name escapes me at the moment!) that did really well. Mind you I did not have nearly as many plants as you!!
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