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slug assasins

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slug assasins

Postby Jersm » Jun 26, 2013 2:00 pm

so yeah a couple nights ago some slugs ate the stem off one of my russian mammoth sun flowers. it stayed out the night till i found it layin on the ground no more roots and dehydrating the next day around 10-11 am.

it was in bad shape i was going to toss it but i did an experiement. i placed the droopy 8 inch sun flower in a cup of water about 4 inches in so it covers the first leaves. then i put it at our large living room window inside. the plant was just laying there leaves pointing down really soft stem.

the next morning to my surprise, the sun flower is actually hydrated and pointing upwards on its own will, absorbing the suns rays clearly showing it alive still. :mrgreen:

so im almost possitive ive saved it and will plant it outside once roots are abundant in the cup.
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