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keeping racoons out of my corn

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keeping racoons out of my corn

Postby milkwoman » Aug 28, 2013 9:33 am

Does anybody have a good way to keep racoons out of the corn?? Its going to be ready soon and we have quite a few of the little furry bandits around. I've had some success using cucumber vines in the past but wasn't able to fully surround the corn patch this year. Would love to hear your tricks to outsmart these little critters...
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Re: keeping racoons out of my corn

Postby Mervyn » Sep 03, 2013 5:53 pm

Haven t grown corn in years for this very reason, didn't know about the cucumber vines at the time, in retrospect is all seems obvious.

Some thoughts, havent tried any of these and am not pretending to be any sort of expert

You could build a fence in the areas you cannot protect with vines.

Find wild growing plants with spikes to augment the vines

Put some boards down with nails in them points up.. make sure to be very careful of course, they have to be wide enough so they can't step over them . .
Maybe some barbed wire ?

Or make your own vines, using some nylon rope and sharp nails or even pins, or use that as a barbed wire.
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