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Re: Thanks for your feedback!

Postby Katherine » Aug 01, 2008 11:13 am

Hi Angus, thanks for responding. When you are working on the photograph resizing issue, I appreciate that they will be resized, but some of the detail will be lost. Can you please restore the option to double click on the photo to enlarge it if you want to, just as we could in the past? Thanks

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Re: Thanks for your feedback!

Postby skwij » Aug 02, 2008 10:18 pm

I know this is a known bug, but, I literally just replied in OTGF and when clicking GO TO OTGF my post isn't listed as the latest. I do NOT hit "back" in my browser, ever, as I'm a mod on a few boards and have learned that GO TO or the quicklink that's usually present is the best way to navigate and be able to keep on top of things.


It's driving me nuts, not being able to sort by "last posted" date.

Also, the indentation that automatically happens when opening the reply box is annoying as heck, too.
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