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Keyboard Shortcut Keys to Help you Navigate

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Keyboard Shortcut Keys to Help you Navigate

Postby Aline in Ottawa » Aug 01, 2008 3:47 pm

Hi Everyone,

I though this list might be useful for those having problems navigating the site. I use IE, but I'm sure these shortcuts work with other browsers. Many of these can also be used in Windows, and Word Processors (Word, WordPerfect, etc.)

You might want to copy/paste the list and print it.

Hope it helps.

Go to your Home page ALT+HOME

Go to the next page ALT+RIGHT ARROW

Go to the previous page ALT+LEFT ARROW or BACKSPACE

Display a shortcut menu for a link SHIFT+F10 (same as right-clicking)

Move forward between frames CTRL+TAB or F6

Move back between frames SHIFT+CTRL+TAB

Scroll up line by line UP ARROW

Scroll down line by line DOWN ARROW

Scroll up one page at a time PAGE UP

Scroll down one page at a time PAGE DOWN

Move to the beginning of a page HOME

Move to the end of a page END

Find on this page CTRL+F

Refresh the current Web page F5 or CTRL+R

Refresh the current Web page, even if CTRL+F5
the time stamp for the Web version and
your locally stored version are the same

Stop downloading a page ESC

Go to a new location CTRL+O or CTRL+L

Open a new window CTRL+N

Close the current window CTRL+W

Save the current page CTRL+S

Print the current page/active frame CTRL+P

Activate a selected link ENTER

Open/Close the Search box CTRL+E

Open/Close the Favorites box CTRL+I

Open/Close the History box CTRL+H

In the History or Favorites boxes, CTRL+click
open multiple folders

Display Help F1

Toggle between full-screen and other F11
views in the browser

Move forward through the items on a TAB
Web page, the Address box, or the
Links box

Move backwards through the items on SHIFT+TAB
a Web page, the Address box, or the
Links box

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