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My opinion

Postby earwig » Aug 21, 2008 8:57 pm

I like the format of this new forum. Each day I seem to find a feature that the old didn't have and after trying it, I discover it comes in very handy.

The upgrade did not go well, in fact I am sure we would all agree it was an ugly mess but I think it is time to spend more time exploring and seeing just what this forum can do vs harping on things that we not only know admin know about, but know they are trying to fix.

I do feel very sorry for those not on yet, I was that way for awhile and know how they must feel. Hopefully admin know who they all are, and are doing the best they can to rectify the suitation.

We will never have a forum with features that we will all agree on so I say we start looking at the features in the user control panel, trying some and personalizing the way the posts show. I am still fine tuning mine but I do like seeing the most recent reply first.
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Re: My opinion

Postby OGrubber » Aug 22, 2008 8:47 am

I'm still fine tuning my preferences as well Betty, and like Laura, I don't need or use a lot of the bells and whistles... Some features seem overly complicated, but I attribute that to unfamiliarity.

I love, love, LOVE! how fast this new format loads for me, and how the photos are managed. I really appreciate the link to the spot in a thread where I left off reading [what a time saver!]and how I am able to turn off/on smilies and flash.

I too, feel for those who are unable to get on yet but I'm sure the issues will get resolved soon. There has to be miles of code for these dynamic pages and finding the glitches and faults would be a bear of a job. The IT folk must be going crazy with it. Though it seems [on the surface] like things are getting "fixed" very slowly, I am amazed at how fast it is actually going. Kudos to the IT team.
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